Disinformation interferes with elections, wastes human, financial and business resources, and erodes public trust in legitimate media.

Disinformation is accepted as a form of entertainment. Some 65% of news is consumed through social media, 66 percent of which get their news from Facebook or Twitter, at points where there is no financial incentive to stop disinformation.

The Muckr Solution

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify patterns of deception in word use.

In top trending fake news stories, this allows for a line by line and word by word analysis on the spectrum of trustworthiness.

Fake media profiles/customized botnets that get fake stories to trend are identified by patterns in source behavior.


Specifiy keywords, phrases, or subjects for Muckr to monitor for you.


Get alerts on potential disinformation based on subject matter and industry.


AI powered analytics so you gain actional insights on content and the credibility of the source of said content.

Who We Help

Rapid Response Teams


Journalists & Speech Writers


Corporate Responsibility


Marketing Professionals


Volatility &
Crypto Traders